Welcome to Nitrodog,

This project is a forum styled, crypto-based platform for science fiction authors and fans, employing blockchain technology to enable creatives to build their own audience and marketing platform, and for readers to support authors, review works, plus receive special edition and catered content. This is mainly a book portal, but other media are okay as long as they stick to the genre.

Once registered, all users will default to subscriber mode. If you want to publish, fill out the form, by entering your username in the subject and author details in the message, to request access as an author. At this stage, Nitrodog is in its test phase, so learn and discuss site functionality on the forum pages, and feel free to raise any question, make suggestions, or start topics there.

This will allow you to post content, moderate forums and create book pages. When building a book page, use the following guide as a template.

  • Posts should only be limited to information relating to your books, token details, free content such as short stories, reviews of Nitrodog-family related books. 
  • Moderate Forums
    • Token details and discussion
    • Book Development Toolkit.
    • Beta-read and Reviews Requests
  • Create book pages. (must include)
    • Book cover standard (1500px wide 2400px high, 300DPI)
    • Synopsis
    • Supporting Links (reviews, extra content)
    • Buy with Token information from your Rocketr product listing (external traditional sales links are okay)

Authors, use the following categories when posting a book.

  • crowdfunding
  • available now

Readers, if you want to support authors, buy content or collect tokens, please check out the how to tokenise page to get up to speed.

Have fun!

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